Weekly Healthy Harvest

Looking for Fresh Produce Delivered Weekly?

Deliveries Start Wednesday May 3rd!

“Emily’s” will deliver to your Dorchester or Talbot County business, church or organization!

Just  $10 gets you a bag of fresh picked  produce – a $12-$15 value

You decide which week(s) you want to participate

Orders must be placed by 6pm Monday for Wednesday delivery.  

Call 443-521-0789


Frequently Asked Questions …


What is the cost per bag?

The bags cost $10.  You will receive a value of $12 – $15 per bag.

What comes in the bag?  Can I choose?

Each week we go out into the fields to see what is the freshest produce available that week.  You are guaranteed everything is local and in season.

Can you give an example of what is in a typical bag?

Absolutely!  In June you might find in your weekly bag – a head of broccoli, 6 ears of corn, a bag of sugar snap peas and blackberries.

Where do you deliver the “Weekly Healthy Harvest” bags?

We deliver in Dorchester and Talbot counties

Is there a minimum number of bags in order to have the free delivery?

Yes.  For Dorchester County we will deliver  for a minimum of 5 bags  to a single address.  For Talbot county we need a minimum of 5 bags as well.

What day of the week do you deliver?

We deliver on Wednesdays starting May 3rd   through the middle of August.

Do you deliver only to business addresses?

We deliver to any address as long as someone will be there to take delivery and pay for the bags. 

How do I place an order?

We ask that 1 person from your delivery address be the coordinator.  Your coordinator will call in the order to the market no later than Monday at 6pm.  They  are responsible for collecting the money due and taking delivery on Wednesday.  Payment is due on delivery.