Pick Up Locations in Cambridge and Easton
Full Payment guarantees enrollment – to be paid by May 1st – Limited availability – first paid, first guaranteed

May 24 to Sept 27

May 31st to August 30th

$325 worth of credit to use anytime!

Why consider EMILY’S PRODUCE, a 7th generation farmer as your CSA partner?

-Diverse Selection of Products – Reputation for Quality Service & Products –

-Convenient Pick Up Locations in Dorchester & Talbot County –

-Multi-Season Products – You’ll Have a Personal Relationship With Your LOCAL Farmer –

-CSA Members Receive a 15% Discount Each Week on All Purchases Made in the Market –

-Weekly Newsletter & Recipes – Abundance of Products – Products are Picked Daily –

-Freshness is Guaranteed – You are Supporting your LOCAL Economy and LOCAL Producers-

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Is the Emily’s CSA partnership right for you?

If you have a goal to eat seasonally, cook more often, and try new vegetables, joining a CSA is a good solution. CSA’s provide an experience to the consumer that is exciting and adventurous, with selections from the farmer changing weekly. A significant advantage for choosing a CSA is that the consumer is providing support to their local economy, their local producers, and to the health of themselves and their families.

What if I don’t think I can consume a 'Full Share' on my own?

Several of our members share their weekly boxes. They simply make arrangements with another person and take turns picking up the box every other week. Additionally, members are encouraged to think “outside the box” and should consider the many ways that their box contents can be put to good use. Freezing extras or consciously creating diverse meal plans is encouraged.  For those that travel a lot, or feel that the amount of product in a bushel size box is just too much – you can consider Emily’s $10 Healthy Harvest Box Program. The box size in this option is smaller (a half bushel box) than our Full Share weekly box and the consumer can choose which weeks that they want the box (as long as the number of boxes ordered meets the minimum requirements). See our “Weekly Healthy Harvest” page for more details!

Full Share/Healthy Harvest - What’s the difference

For those customers who are committed to enrolling in a program that serves you LOCAL food on a weekly basis for 19 straight weeks throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall Season we offer our traditional “Full Share” CSA offering.  This valuable package offers the weekly selections in a bushel size box with approximately 4-6 different items that can serve a family of 2-5 throughout the week.  As a “Full Share” CSA member you also receive a 15% discount on weekly purchases made at our market. If committing to a weekly pick up is too much or you think that a bushel size box is too much – the “Healthy Harvest” Half Bushel Box is a great opportunity!  With the “Healthy Harvest” program, you can choose which weeks you wish to participate.  “Healthy Harvest” drop off locations can be created with just 3 orders from a local business in Cambridge or Easton!  See our “Healthy Harvest” page for more details.

Why Choose Emily’s Produce CSA?

Emily’s Produce is offering a CSA share that will contain a diverse selection of fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, fall harvest products, and locally produced and all natural eggs, dairy, meat, and on occasion, a baked good or condiment that compliments the box contents. The Emily’s Produce CSA share will also include a weekly newsletter that contains information about the products, recipe ideas, storage and preparation tips, and a customer appreciation reward for future Emily’s Produce purchases. Weekly communications with CSA partners will be by email, and social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook are also utilized.  CSA members also receive a 15% discount on all market purchases during their pick up week! 

Can you give examples of share boxes from last year?


June 4 — yellow squash, zucchini, paddy pan squash, sugar snap peas, spun and washed lettuce, 1 lb Emily’s Own All Natural Ground Beef

July 31—Sweet Corn, bell peppers, blackberries, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans

August 23—One dozen Farm fresh eggs, eggplant, tomatoes, yellow beans, zucchini, peaches

Why do I need to secure my share with a $100 deposit?

 Your $100 deposit helps us make necessary investments and tells us how much to plant for the CSA harvest season. It also guarantees your membership in a reputable CSA program where a limited number of shares are available.

What are my responsibilities as a CSA member?

As a CSA member you have only one responsibility – pick up your share on time.  We’ll make sure to pack your box with fresh food that you’ll want to get home shortly after pickup to help maintain its freshness.  If you run into an issue on any given week, please ask a friend of family member to pick up your share for you. 

Where are Pick Up Locations?

Thursday – Easton Location – Ledo Pizza 11 am to 6 pm (Free Cheese Pizza w/every Ledo enrollment)
Thursday – Cambridge Location – Emily’s Produce 10 am to 6 pm
Friday –  Cambridge Location – Emily’s Produce 10 am to 6 pm
Want to be a pick up location…Let’s Talk!

Remember …. Your CSA Partnership Supports LOCAL Agriculture & Your LOCAL Community!