Happy November, Friends!

As we enter the Thanksgiving Season, it’s customary for our family to convey the overwhelming amount of gratitude that we have for the way in which you have supported our business throughout the year.  While in the past, we have conveyed these thoughts to you on Thanksgiving Day, we felt that it was necessary to begin November as an entire Fall Season of gratefulness! 

Over the past year, our business has encountered great potential, created fond family memories, forged new relationships, sustained lasting friendships, and enjoyed MANY meaningful customer encounters!  Whether we’ve planted seeds in our farm fields or through conversations with our supporters, we see the love of LOCAL agriculture blooming abundantly.    During the 2022 Season, we’ve taken great pride in the MANY accomplishments of our team, and we realize the MANY ways in which they’ve made a lasting impression on your experience at Emily’s Produce.  We’ve completely realized that when it comes to making decisions on how and where you wish to purchase local products and enjoy family fun, you have many great choices in our own community and beyond.  We feel gratitude from the time that we answer your question online or on the phone, and we beam with pride when we see your smiling face walking through our door or enjoying your freshly prepared lunch with your family at our picnic tables. 

Looking ahead as we bring our 23rd season to a close, we find much satisfaction in reviewing our best practices, most efficient processes, and most memorable milestones during the 2022 Season.  In reviewing all the greatness that has happened during our season, we must also remain practical and prudent as we vow to maintain a path of sustainability for our next generation.  As we’ve encountered each new season over the past 23 years, we’ve done so with the mindset of how our business can continue to strengthen and grow with the cooperation and collaboration of each family member that has created such a strong and thriving foundation.  With each of our children now assuming different roles in our business and times in their life, we are just as excited now as we were 23 years ago to see what the future holds for them personally and professionally!   While Emily has finished college and Kyle has now entered college, we are finding areas that might have been unique to our business in the past but will now experience growth or change for the future.  Each decision and offering that has been unveiled at Emily’s Produce over the years has been a direct result of how our team, our family members, and our community could accomplish it together.  As we move forward with the 2023 Season, you will continue to be inspired and satisfied with our authenticity, creativity, and sustainability. 

In closing, we thank you sincerely for your partnership over the past season!  We cannot do the MANY great things without your support and partnership!  We cannot wait to serve you at Emily’s Produce for the remaining days of November!  Our November hours will remain the same and extended days will be offered during Thanksgiving week (OPEN Tuesday & Wednesday that week).  Our final November day will be Sunday, November 27th

As for December – March, we have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on how to best serve you during these months.  We have concluded that our authentic, creative, and sustainable approach will be served the best in an intermittent fashion during the winter months.  With a stable online ordering platform, distinct catering options, experience in doorstep deliveries, and a team ready to make your winter a memorable one – we’ve realized that having our physical “doors open” December-March is not practical or economical.  We know that you’ll understand our desire to remain responsible and focused on an upcoming season filled with growth and opportunity for our team, our family, and our community.  

Finally, make sure you are on our online mailing list!  Each winter month, you will have opportunities to support LOCAL agriculture, your health, and your community!   Online ordering opportunities, “pop-up” events, and useful communications will be occurring throughout the winter months!  The final day of our 2022 Market Season will be Sunday November 27th

With MUCH appreciation and gratitude for the greatness that we’ve achieved,

Paul, Kelly, Emily, and Kyle Jackson

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