The Story of Emily's Produce

A 7th Generation Farm Family

Our Mission

Provide our community with a local farm experience that demonstrates honest hardworking family values combined with exceptional products and superior customer service.

The Highlights

In 1998

Paul and Kelly Jackson welcomed their daughter Emily into the world. They wanted her to grow up knowing and loving the family trade so they decided to open a family-owned roadside market. They named it in Emily’s honor, and then set out to run it in a way that would teach their daughter about their work ethic and traditions.

In 2021

Emily’s Produce offers customers the best and freshest homegrown fruits and vegetables on the Shore. We have fresh local meats including our own Angus Beef that are raised in a pasture with fresh green grass to graze and without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Our fresh-cut flowers and hanging baskets are second to none. We’re even more than a farm market now—Emily’s is an authentic Eastern Shore experience.

A Full Timeline of Emily's Produce

Opened under small picnic tent – produce displayed on straw bales & used honor system
Increased the size of the tent and added some wooden tables to display products – honor system
Added a second tent, small shed with air conditioner for storage and a U-Pick Pumpkin Patch
Paul and friends build a permanent structure – approx 800 square feet
Added approx 500 square foot to rear of building and added walk-in cooler & U-Pick Strawberries
Began growing Mums for fall harvest, started selling fresh strawberry pies, and added website for business
Added free children’s play area in honor of newborn son Kyle – Kyle’s Farm Fun
Increased varieties of fresh baked pies and other baked goods
Began selling fruits and vegetables to local restaurants. To date, currently service over 10 food service facilities in Dorchester County who are committed in providing locally grown products to their customers.
Started harvesting home grown blackberries and selling flowers from greenhouse
Experimented new practice of starting tomato plants in greenhouse and “transplanting” into plastic covered rows with a “low tunnel” structure
Experimented with new practice of starting sweet corn in greenhouse and “transplanting” into plastic covered rows for 2 week earlier harvest
Created Facebook Page for Emily’s Produce Fans
Opened a 2nd “satellite” location in Cambridge on Sunburst Highway under “Big Red Tent”
Increased flower production in greenhouse to include perennials & added U-Pick blackberries, blueberries & cherries at Church Creek Market
Added 3rd “satellite” location on St. Michaels Rd. in Easton at Carroll’s Market and Exxon
Added U-Cut Flower Patch to Church Creek Market
Selected by USDA for High Tunnel Pilot Project – started growing multiple varieties of lettuce and started tomatoes in high tunnel
Increased retail area at main Church Creek Rd. Market
Added kitchen to Church Creek Rd. Market. Baking can now be done on premise
Began Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program that will serve “shareholders” for 20 weeks
Added Beef Cattle to farming operation – Grass Fed, Angus Beef, No Hormones or Antibiotics
Expanded offerings in market kitchen & expanded “Healthy Harvest” Bag Delivery Program
Emily graduated high school and began her college journey at Delaware Valley University majoring in Ag Business
Increased number of blueberry plants in the u-pick patch
Sunflower Maze Days Craze Event hosted with proceeds supported wounded/injured/ill military veterans
First ever Easter Egg Hunt & Goat Yoga on the farm
Implemented an online ordering system, drive thru & curbside process
Emily graduated from Delaware Valley University with Agriculture Business Bachelor’s Degree
First produce market in Dorchester County permitted to sell locally produced beer & wine using Maryland agricultural products
Kyle’s Farm Fields of Fun expanded with adult & children’s games
Added homemade slushie operation & purchased a food truck for on and off site food sales
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How We Farm

Emily’s Produce is not a USDA “certified” organic farm, rather it is a farm that practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This reliable method of farming is a way to control insect pests and diseases while protecting human health and the environment. Not all insects, weeds, and other living organisms require control – including organic pesticide control. Our method prefers to first access the situation and limit any chemical control (organic & conventional).  Many organisms are not harmful, and some even beneficial.

Emily’s Produce does not plant any G.M.O. fruits or vegetables on the farm. The use of safe and sustainable farming practices that preserve the environment, reduce waste, and promote healthy growing systems are a priority. Our focus is on producing the best quality products that are picked at their peak ripeness and maintaining the product’s freshness, and nutritional values.

Community Connections & Collaborations

Emily’s Produce proudly partners with local businesses, chefs, schools, and other members of the community who have an interest in supporting local agriculture and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Since starting the business in 1999, a focus on delivering the freshest local food to consumers has been the priority.  If Emily’s Produce does not plant, pick, or pack the local product, you can feel completely confident that we have a relationship with the farmer who did!

Through 7 generations of agriculture heritage, we can assure you that quality relationships and products are at the forefront of our minds!  We support LOCAL agriculture and each and every one of our colleagues who do the same!

Meet Our Partners

Growing Community Flavors

Throughout the season, Emily’s Produce hosts a “Growing Community Flavors” event where local chefs and producers visit Emily’s to provide cooking demonstrations and advice about locally-sourced products. These demonstrations are free to the public and they create strong community relationships.