2015 FamilyDear Friends,

Each Thanksgiving Holiday Season, our family prepares to take a break from the fields of our farm and we reflect upon the many occurrences in our life that have given us cause to feel grateful and appreciative.  We are well aware that our faith, family, friends, neighbors, community, Emily’s Produce team members, CSA partners, business partners, and those that simply walk through our door with a smile on their face and an appreciation for the work that we do give us the most reasons to reflect.  From the bottom of our hearts, we are so thankful for the presence of each of these aspects in our life and the impact that is made on a daily basis.  Our family works hard to earn your support and trust and you demonstrate your loyalty and support in so many genuine ways.  As our family enters our 2016 harvest season, we will continue to set goals that are consistent with our family values and values that you expect as an Emily’s Produce friend.   While looking at the many ways in which farmers have made their mark on society for so many generations before us, we find it very rewarding that our current Jackson generation of 4 family members work together in unison to make an impact on the generations that will follow us in the future.  We are very excited for what the future holds for our family and we are most appreciative for your support of us and local agriculture … It means so much!!     


Happy Thanksgiving, 

~The Jacksons~

Paul, Kelly, Emily & Kyle