Gratitude is an Attitude

All over the news you can see evidence of people starting to overcome the fear of the first two weeks of this pandemic and beginning to reach out to share their gratitude for those who are doing what is needed to provide care, and supplies. You see people cheering on truck drivers, writing banners and posters for health care providers, and bringing food to seniors.

Here at Emily’s we realized very early on that we needed to fill a gap for those who were worried about having fresh food, and the ability to shop in an open air market where they could feel more safe. It has been a whirlwind; starting up three weeks earlier than our planned opening date with less than our full complement of offerings, setting up on-line ordering and curb-side pick-up, and training staff to provide safe practices. I have to say, however, everything that our team has put into this new reality, we have gotten back in spades by the gratitude we have received from our customers. They have filled our hearts with thankful comments, kind interactions and thoughtful distancing from other customers and our team members. It has filled our hearts and driven us to want to do more.

A week ago we set up a Facebook page called Farm Along With Emily’s, to provide farm education and hands-on activities for kids in the area. This Monday I’m excited to bring another new offering called “Smiles for Seniors.” Our flowering baskets are bringing a lot of joy to us here at the Market, but it is time for them to spread beauty and joy to others throughout our tight-knit community. For every basket of flowers that is ordered, we will deliver them to the door of anyone within 30 miles of Cambridge so our customers can maintain their social distance.

We expect that our customers will use this opportunity to share joy and gratitude with those they cannot visit themselves. In doing this, we will show our gratitude by donating a flower to Delmarva Community Services, Inc. for delivery to a senior  through their Senior Home Delivered Meals Program. This partnership between Emily’s Produce and Delmarva Community Services is one that has been cultivating for many years. We sincerely appreciate special relationships like this one and enjoy spreading our homegrown goodness with such special members of our community!

It has been a very challenging time for us, but I’m driven forward by the energy, creativity, resourcefulness and love and gratitude that I see all around us. It is inspiring me to want to do more. I’d love to hear your stories; what you see of those who are overcoming fear or doubt and are beginning to show kindness and gratitude. We all need to hear the stories to continue to boost our spirits as we move through this crisis. Stay safe everyone and keep thinking creatively of ways to boost spirits and share gratitude.


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