The Comfort of Food

So here we are, limited to trips from home to purchase food and medicine.  It makes things simpler, but also raises our fear about having enough food and being able to purchase it somewhere without worry of contamination.  Our customers have been enjoying the fresh produce when they come to the market. Many of those who are pre-ordering on-line are taking advantage of the Bountiful Bags of Veggies and Fruits that we have prepacked.  The newly harvested asparagus is flying off the shelves.  Of course like everywhere else, at Emily’s we are going through a lot of eggs, bread and milk; the essentials. These are predictable items that we expected to need in large supply, but what we are finding most interesting is the need for comfort foods; foods that make our customers feel happy.  At Emily’s some of these items are our fresh baked pies, yeast rolls, apple cider donuts and Scottish Highland Creamery ice cream. These items are in high demand, and it makes sense.  When we feel vulnerable and restricted, we want foods that make us feel moments of contentment and joy. Comfort foods can lift our spirits and make us feel like things are somewhat normal even when we know they are not.  Just the other day someone ordered a bag of Kale and a container of Belgian Double Chocolate Ice Cream. I thought to myself how perfect that order was: something healthy for the body and something to lift the spirits!

One of the biggest challenges I think we face during this time is to continue to eat foods that will keep our bodies healthy, and not to overeat because we are home and bored.  It is so easy to do!  And the treats like baked goods and ice cream soothe our worried souls, so we tend to reach to them during times of stress.  So what is really essential to have in the house? Fresh, healthy foods, no doubt, but not just those things our body needs, but also those things that feed our souls and minds with comfort.

During these uncertain times, food is one of the few comforts that we are still able to enjoy. And many of us are able to spend real time with our families around the dinner table uninterrupted; more so now that before when our schedules were crowded with activities and had us running in a million different directions.  Maybe this is one thing that families can take from this time of restrictions, is time together around the table.   I’m so glad our customers know that they can come to us for the same warmth and caring that we have always tried to provide to our tight-knit community to provide them with fresh, wholesome goodness.


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